Whether buying, building or refinancing...we can do it all.

There’s no place like home — and there’s also no place like your home. You and your family have your own priorities, your own goals and your own dreams. Homes and mortgages aren’t one size fits all.
In an environment where mortgage has become a dangerous word, it’s more important than ever to work with a bank you can trust. At Park Sterling Bank, we bring you a variety of mortgage products, from fixed rate to adjustable rate construction-permanent loans to refinancing options. We also understand that you have a unique vision of home. With us, each mortgage is a custom mortgage.

Park Sterling Bank offers a wide array of products and services to help you find the right mortgage loan or product to meet your needs, including:

Fixed Rate Mortgages
A fixed rate mortgage has the same interest rate and monthly payment throughout the term of the mortgage. The payment is calculated to pay off the mortgage balance at the end of the term. Various terms are available.

Adjustable Rate Mortgages
An adjustable rate mortgage offers a low initial interest rate and payment. The monthly payment is calculated to pay off the entire mortgage balance at the end of the term. After any fixed interest rate period has passed, the interest rate and payment adjusts annually.

FHA Mortgages
An FHA mortgage or new FHA loan allows for the refinance or purchase of a home with a low down payment. These loans are great for first-time buyers and those looking for more flexible credit requirements.

Construction Loans
A loan to build a primary residence when contracted with a Builder. Some loans may be modified, depending on the market conditions. We offer competitive rates and service your loan locally during the construction process.

• Can bring your family many financial advantages
• Faster payoff of your mortgage
• Lower monthly payments
• Allows you to take cash out of your property

We believe an educated consumer is our best customer.  It is for that reason that we would like to share the following tips to help you prepare for a mortgage loan.

• Talk to a Park Sterling Mortgage Banker if you are considering buying a home or refinancing. Our Mortgage Bankers are well-qualified, experienced and will help you through the mortgage process.
• Discuss down-payment options with your Mortgage Banker. Your down payment will be according to your loan type. Your Mortgage Banker will help you find the best program to fit your needs.

We treat everyone as an individual.

Why choose Park Sterling Bank?

We are local!  The advantage to you...
• Your file is processed in a timely manner
• Your appraiser is local and familiar with your market
• Your file is underwritten right here
More control and efficient process for you.
Local presence—Park Sterling Bank offers convenience with 44 branches located in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Virginia.

Park Sterling Bank is proud to have well-qualified and experienced Mortgage Bankers available to help you through the mortgage process. If you have any questions, please visit or call your local Park Sterling Bank branch.



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